SmartLIVING Systems is a business of Peter Wells that utilizes my understanding of how human capabilities change with age.  SmartLIVING systems works to define new support options enabled by technology, practical home renovations, home health care initiatives and government programs.

SmartLIVING Systems provides consulting, systems development and sales organization to help seniors modify their space and lifestyles to support comfortable and safe "aging in place."

SmartLIVING Systems makes living at home possible.  We help adapt the home to your needs and provide guidance about the best of new technologies to better manage your health.  We also ensure that you are connected to critical care services should something happen.

Our website is under development.  Stay tuned for more information about our products and services.  

We appreciate your interest and can provide further information personally or by email via the contact information provided.


smartLIVING Systems