Performance by design is the design consultancy of Peter Wells.  An Ergonomist with 20 yr+ experience across a range of industry & process sectors.

I  focus on matching user characteristics to task requirements to create elegant & innovative design solutions.  I conduct systematic & objective task analysis to create innovative solutions  appropriate to the problem space, the local constraints & prevailing regulatory requirements.


Office Ergonomics

Performance by design has conducted hundreds of office workstation assessments at government & private sector offices across the National Capital Region.

These assessments apply relevant standards and guidelines to the design & layout of open plan, private & shared workstations.

Manual Materials Handling

Performance by design can objectively assess the job and materials handling demands on the worker.  We can provide focused process and workplace recommendations to reduce worker demands to keep within safe limits.

Industrial Ergonomics

Performance by design can provide a systematic and objectve review of your manufacturing processes relative to the problems & solutions in a variety of industries. Rigour in problem definition and innovative worker focused solutions will enhance the product quality & worker engagement.

Ergonomics Training

Performance by design can provide  employee awareness presentations and detailed workshops designed to empower your employees.

Ergonomics Design Support

Performance by design can work with your design staff to to ensure that your product or system will be useable and safe for the intended users.  We can help you design for differences in size, strength & mobility.

Where users may interact with your product, we can help you streamline any mechanical controls, as well as any screen based user interfaces.  We will guide you to accommodate for user needs, expectations, knowledge & perceptual characteristics.