Personal & Professional Volunteering

I feel strongly that we all have a responsibility to give back to the community that empowered us with knowledge & opportunities.  It is highly rewarding to contribute my unique skills across different domains of my personal, community & professional life.

I have worked extensively with elementary and middle-school teachers to encourage teaching of science principles & knowledge. I have been extensively involved in community associations, events and projects.

I am an avid skier, serving for years as a Ski Patroller at local hills, and for Olympic & World Cup events. I enjoy teaching and coaching new recruits in the classroom and on the hill.  I have received different awards and acknowledgments for my contributions including:

• City of Ottawa Charlotte Whitton Award for Community Volunteerism (1999)

• Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA) Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award (2016)

• Camp Fortune Ski Patrol Service Appreciation Award (2019)


Canadian Ski Patrol

Beyond my service providing care for injuried skiers in both downhill & cross country skiing, have been involved in multiple projects to enhance the training of new recruits and the CSP Organization. Contributions include:

• Race Medical, Womans Course - Vancover 2010 Olympics

• Race Medical, Womans Course - Lake Louise Winterstart World Cup (2010 > 2015)

• Race Medical,  Red Bull Crashed Ice

• Race Medical, for multiple local development races

• CSP Come Joint Us ... New Patroller recrutement program

• Patroller Development Program

• Fortune Ski Patroller Manual

• Fortune Challenging Extraction Program

• Teaching First Aid skills to new patrol recruits

• Teaching On-hill Rescue & toboggan skills to new patrol recruits

Community Building

I have found many ways to give back in my own local community including:

• Working with Seniors Watch of Old Ottawa South (SWOOS) on winter walkability software (WinterWalk)

• Working with SWOOS to promote Seniors suitable housing

• Manage annual cleaning of local parks (20+ yrs)

• Organizing community responses to zoning and development issues

• Website design and development for Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA)

• Author of "Your Essential Guide to Old Ottawa South" (1999)

• Member of OSCA Board (3 yr)

• Draft Web Based Board Member Handbook (1999)

• Organizing & hosting street parties

• Developmental league soccer coach

• Process and graphic design for Cycle Watch Toronto

Teaching & Inspiration

I particularly enjoy sharing technical concepts and life experiences with an audience whether it be a limited workshop or an entire auditorium.  I have taught professional workshops, and in school envionments ranging from Grade 6 to University & professional conferences.  Teaching events have included:

• Ergonomics multi-day workshops

• Ergonomics lunch + learn sessions

• Mentoring Industrial Design Student Projects

• Professional conference presentations

• Stay in School presentations

• Science Process & Materials presentations at both Primary & High School levels

• Acting as a High School Science Fair Judge

Professional Contributions

We are all part of the same team and I want to give back to the profession & peers who keep my life interesting.  Professional projects have included:

• Development of OAAK Conference Manual.

• Multiple conference brochures for related professional associations.

• Multiple conference graphical materials for related professional conferences.

• Professional association booth duty.

School & University Contributions

Since my early days at University, I have been involved in multiple roles to give back & to learn new things.  While at school I was involved with:

• Student health counselling at both MacMaster and University of Waterloo.

• Served on Board as Co-operative Residence Management Chair at Waterloo Co-op Residence.

• Founded & managed High School Camera Club  Created school darkroom. Taught photography. workshops