My Dancing Light photo site reflects some of the current work of Peter Wells.

After learning the art back in the time of the dinosaurs, 35 mm film and darkrooms, I am now back into the craft and ramping up on the technical aspects of DSLR and the subtle craft of good portraiture work.

I am developing both the craft and perspectives underlying the capture of a beautiful human image.


This past year has been brutal for most of us both practically and socially/interpersonally. To those with a creative bent it has been hard to interact wit others who so often provide inspiration for our efforts or, in the case of photography, the topic of interest for our photographs.

Like many others I so look forward to the opportunity to work on collaborative photo shoots and projects as well as have the opportunity to photograph others for the portraiture that I so enjoy.  In the interim, I decided to initiate a modest 365 PhotoProject with the objective to keep the creative juices flowing.